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SKETCHBOOK: Watch Yourself

Of course, that’s not a message to Megan and Tyler. They are amazing and I’m excited about the life and the love they’re building with each other. It’s a warning to photographers.

Railroad track photos are popular in the photo community. You have to know what you want, as in this case where I created a partial frame with lines leading up to my subject: young love. But sometimes, without a plan, it’s just a lazy location for portraits. That tends to have you staying there longer and you could end up in a dangerous situation. I mean, if you think about it, it’s like taking photos in the middle of the street.

In my case, we were quick, I had a look out in Misty and I had the plan. Shoot and get out of there. I’m not saying you should or should not do it. Just watch it.

SKETCHBOOK: Where’s The House

In Louisville on River Road and Frankfort Avenue, there’s an awesome facade for a house that was built in the 19th century and we did some engagement photos of Megan and Tyler there. As beautiful as the structure is, Megan and Tyler still put it to shame.

But it’s just the facade. The rest of the mansion is gone. Even the facade has been moved to its prominent position from its original location on Fulton Street. I like it for the photo opportunities, but it reminded me that you shouldn’t build a love story around a facade, but around a foundation of emotion and affection and Megan and Tyler are going to be around a long time because that’s what they’re building. I saw it in every photo.

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