The Soul Food Festival 2011 – Dru Hill

Soul Food Festival 2011 - Dru Hill

Last night, Waterfront Park and Magic 101.3 hosted the 5th Annual Soul Food Festival, presented and produced by Kinfolks Entertainment. This years line up was the Bar-Kays, Slave, Brick, Zapp, SWV and Dru Hill.


The show had challenges this year more than most. The sound engineers fought feedback issues all evening. In fact, the show was supposed to start at 8 and Dru Hill went on about 9:30. And they went on twice. The first time, the feedback was so strong, they left the stage, telling the crowd that they’d be back when the sound was right.


DJ Ant Love from the Mo’Nique Show kept everyone entertained and when the show finally started the crowd put the technical difficulties out of their minds and melted into the energy and excitement of Dru Hill.


Every day or two, I’ll post another gallery from an artist on the show. It was a tough shoot based on the stage lighting, but I’ve found some I want to show you. Today, enjoy Dru Hill.





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