Both Sides of Justice: the Cecil New Case

This Sunday at 6am on B96.5 and Magic 101.3, Christopher 2X talks to two of the principle participants in the case of Cecil New, the now admitted killer of Cesar Ivan Cano. Lt. Barry Wilkerson led the LMPD investigation into young Cano’s disappearance and subsequent murder. He will speak on the investigation that led to Cecil New.

Also on the show: Assistant Commonwealth Attorney John Heck. Being the lead prosecutor on the case, Heck will address the case that ended up being so strong that New pleaded guilty in open court, before the jury was even seated.

I was nervous in the room because the interview was covered by Fox 41‘s Tamara Evans while the Courier-Journal sent reporter Jessie Halliday and photojournalist Kylene Lloyd. As an interviewer, I felt nervous, hoping to honor Cano’s memory and hoping not to embarrass myself in front of those journalist pros.

The case was personal for 2X. He represented the family as a liaison to both the press and the police department. The case was one of the touchstones that helped him create his Fight Crimes Against Children Partnership, dedicated to the memory of Cesar Ivan Cano.

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