40th Annual MLK Motorcade and Rally

This morning, the 40th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Motorcade and Rally. Rev. Charles Elliot served as host as we got together in the gym at 1st Gethsemane Baptist Church. The gym kept filling up with people who wanted to recognize the Day of Service and chairs kept being added.

Councilman David Tandy gave an impassioned talk about George Burney, the organizer of the motorcade and rally for the past 40 years. In fact, Councilman Tandy and Mayor Greg Fischer gave Mr. Burney the key to the city for his service to Pride Inc., the organization, and for the memory of Dr. King.

Other dignitaries at the rally included Senator Gerald Neal, above, Congressman John Yarmouth, community activist Christopher 2X and many more. The gallery below shows a small cross-section of the assembled.

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