Finally a Real Snow

Winter arrived in Louisville last night with a big, wet snow. A few days ago, it was in the 70s and spawning tornadoes and now this. Most of it has melted already, but for a photographer, it was a photo op dream. I went

out and did my regular stuff during the day armed with my iPhone and saw what I could see. Above, on a trip to the Crescent Hill library, I saw these trees still holding their snow.

Earlier in the day, I found my car like this. Misty cleared off the snow with the household broom because she needed me to run to pick up breakfast. Neither one of us was in the mood to cook, but we wanted something substantial. So that was the deal. She’d clear my car if I headed out.

We both agreed that a chain restaurant wouldn’t do it for us. We had to have a Louisville diner and Barbara Lee’s fit the bill for what we needed. Big omelet for her, lots of eggs and bacon for me with hash browns and toast. Now that’s better than anything a chain could have done for us.

Now that’s the good stuff there.

This is the scene I drove home to. It wasn’t as ominous as it seemed. The snow had passed during the night and clouds just got interesting for a second. As I tweeted the other day, 70s and tornadoes one day and 4 inches of snow the next, don’t ask WTF, just realize you live in Louisville.


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