This Is the Louisville Zoo – Part 1

I’m quite surprised that I haven’t done a post about the Louisville Zoo until now. My son and I are zoo members and visit often, especially on days that others might not consider nice. Those days, in our minds, tend on the less crowded side. On this particular visit, on an unseasonably warm winter/spring day, we knew different. Visitors from miles around paraded into the Zoo, just like us. And with it being the NCAA basketball playoffs, sighting a “Louisville” cardinal hit home (above).

In the interest of equal time, when we spotted the puma out, we made that photo, too. The term Wildcat, while generic, kept sports fans interested because Kentucky landed the number one seed in that tournament. Kind of a fun coincidence when you think about it.

Whenever we visit the Zoo, we always end up at Lorikeet Landing, provided the temperature remains constantly above 55 degrees. Sometime last year, we stopped passing by the very popular exhibit and put ourselves in the long line. Once inside, you can interact with the birds and feed them nectar. During that visit, and each subsequent visit as you can see, the birds took a liking to London and it became his favorite spot at the Zoo.

London’s talent with the birds extends to helping others. Newbies get into the Landing and walk around with cups of nectar hoping to get a lorikeet to spend time on them. Some visitors, particularly young kids get frustrated when the birds don’t land on them. London swoops in, usually with a bird on him, and transfers the lorikeet to a kid. He also has a talent for making them fly off if they misbehave, which happens occasionally. One of them gets nippy and can scare a child.

The images we made appear below and on this day, we only went through about a quarter of the zoo. That explains why this post title ends with “Part 1.”


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