The Great Steamboat Race 2012

London and I decided to take in the Great Steamboat Race this year at Cox Park. This was our first time to see it in person. Usually we just checked in on it from home because before I split with my wife, we held back because of her disdain for crowds. London showed a little of that apprehension so we decided that Cox Park wouldn’t be nearly as bad as trying to watch it from Fest-A-Ville or the Chow Wagon.

Even though we can brag about making the right call, plenty of people showed up to picnic and play games and even serenade the public as you see above. I don’t even think he played for tips. He appeared to just want a chance to sing to people and when we walked past this, the family seemed quite happy to listen.

On the day, we saw all kinds of watercraft including the American Queen, the Spirit of Jefferson, the Belle of Cincinnati and the eventual winner, the Belle of Louisville. Oh, and the craft above who thought they would just watch from the Ohio River. It seems to happen every year and every year LMPD invites them to leave.

It feel good to update This Is Louisville again. I’ve been all over the place but I think I have a better strategy to update more often to give you a complete picture of life in the Derby City, including all the work I do for Metromix, the Voice-Tribune and personal projects I want to be involved in, including next Friday’s Bike To Work Day. Should be fun. Find the complete gallery from our view of the Great Steamboat Race below.

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