BIAK Brain Walk 2012

I spent Saturday morning covering the BIAK Brain Walk for the Voice-Tribune with new friends like Sekayi, Amy and Nashe Charasika. I found them by the face painting booth so I waned to make sure they got a chance to show off their artwork to a greater audience. They have their own, but many attendees had stories of why they walked.


The Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky, BIAK, and the Michael Quinlan Brain Tumor Foundation put together the walk on the Belvedere as an awareness campaign and fundraiser to put money together for support, resources and more for Kentucky residents affected by brain tumors or injury. As a year survivor of a stroke, the cause means something to me so when the Voice called, I said yes immediately. That’s why this post is cross posted on Don’t Have A Stroke. The full gallery is coming to the Voice-Tribune. Find a few preview photos below.

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