60th Birthday of Steve Bass and William Yarmuth

Saturday night the Henry Clay resonated with birthday greetings for Steve Bass (left) and William Yarmuth (right) on the 60th anniversary of their birth. As you can see, both gentlemen enjoyed themselves immensely and I got to enjoy the festivities and the Voice-Tribune arranged it so that I witnessed it first hand.

However, in doing so, I had a slight case of the nerves because also on hand for the fun were THE bigwigs at the Voice: Jonathon and Tracy Blue. And while I have confidence in my photographic abilities, when it came to making their picture, I said over and over, “don’t let me get this wrong, don’t let me get this wrong, don’t let me get this wrong.” Luckily for me, it turned out great. Look for the full gallery coming soon in the Voice-Tribune and online at Voice-Tribune.com. In the meantime, enjoy the preview gallery below.


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