Muddy Fanatic

On assignment for Metromix, I found myself in Sellersburg, Indiana, for the Muddy Fanatic 5K Adventure Race, and just like the name implies, mud appeared prominently everywhere on the course. Which, I guess, didn’t bother the runners since they got the warning when they signed up to run.

I captured a few people at the starting line (with all the teams, starts came in stages) with clean clothes so they had a memory of what they used to look like. The team, consisting of Tyler Druschel, Travis Stanton, Josh Wingfield, Dan Jensen and Lukas Olson chose colors that stood out, knowing they would be unrecognizable at the end of the course.

Obstacles abounded as Team Heavenleigh found out. Some of them ended up being Wipeout style, including jumping from muddy hay bale to muddy hay bale. Find many more pictures as soon as they’re posted on Metromix. Meanwhile, find a preview gallery below.

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