Porcini Children’s Foundation Annual Auction and Buffet Dinner

Last night, I spent my first night ever at Porcini  in Crescent Hill, but not for dinner, after all their hours say closed Sunday. No, I spent the evening there covering the Porcini/Farmer Children’s Foundation Annual Auction and Buffet Dinner for the Voice-Tribune. The foundation, incorporated 8 years ago, has raised millions of dollars and continues strong today.

Tony Cruise from 84WHAS, left, served as emcee for the evening. Beside him Del and Kelly Farmer organized and ran the event which attracted people with money to donate and willing to take home some cool items from both the silent and live auctions. Meeting the Farmers made me appreciate the cause they serve and hanging with Tony kept me in good spirits. He and I go back to my first job in radio at WXLN-103.9FM. Good to see him continuing in the career.

And what would a visit to Porcini be without getting a shot of Patti Coury (with Sharon), one of the owners of this fine eatery with husband Tim. As hosts, opening their doors on a Sunday and treating the event like a regular evening, with all the associated expenses, speaks highly of what they do for the community.

In a few days, go to Voice-Tribune.com for the full gallery of images. Meanwhile, see a preview below.

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