Cavalcade of Kids

I wanted to put some stuff on here that might be self-serving, however I must because today is the last full day in which I have both my kids in the same country until the end of the year. Not many fathers get to say that. But then again, not many fathers gush with this much pride over both of their children. I also realize that my perspective on this may be skewed a bit.

My daughter Talia leaves for Latin America tomorrow to further her education and to experience life outside the country and outside the language. Even though she looks forward to the adventure, she will miss her new love, the NuLu neighborhood. A few weeks ago, we had brunch at Please and Thank You and she realized that she had never been to NuLu except to pass through. She now loves it with the passion that I do.

She’ll miss her brother London, too. His goofball antics never fail to entertain her and even if you didn’t know them, you could tell that they love each other very much. Unlike when I grew up, we’ll still be in contact. Thanks to the internet, Facebook, blogs and Skype, we won’t be too far out of touch. And it’ll be the only English she’ll hear until December.

Check my kiddos below in my own little internet brag book. And special thanks to Misty Meredith Photography. When you see pictures with me in them, she took them. She’s getting her own together. Construction phase right now and I’ll let you know when it launches.

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