Portraits of a Potential Rock Star

I spent the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend in Salem, Indiana shooting portraits with Misty’s cousin Nathan while my son London romped and played and found a mystery allergy besides. The house and the adjacent land gave us plenty of photo opportunities. In addition, Nathan’s interests and upcoming fall entrance to college gave us plenty of ideas of what to shoot.

Obviously the guitar plays an important role as does music in general. His dad sings and plays and his brother plays drums in a local rock band. Getting him to pose with his 6-string didn’t prove that difficult at all. And as a client, he pretty much did anything Misty or I asked of him.

His talent for archery let to another set of poses, complete in camouflage gear. I love when you get to do something out of the ordinary in a portrait shoot. We always recommend finding out what your client pursues as interests. You never know what photo idea will pop into your head. All in all, a great time for the photographers, my son and hopefully for Nathan and his family. Check the preview below.

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