Beginning of June in the Ville

With no freelance photojournalism assignments this weekend, my son London and I did what anyone would have done. We grabbed our cameras and shot some cool stuff happening in Louisville. Downtown buzzed with excitement with all kinds of things going on, including an event called Vault in the Ville at 4th Street Live.

The event showcased pole vaulting and included athletes who might go on to the Olympics to represent the United States. And quite a few people showed up to cheer them on. The fans in attendance cheered, clapped and willed the men and women over the bar. This Vault in the Ville served as the first, but probably not the last due to the number of fans.

Meanwhile, 4th Street Live also hosted Cool Country Nights, an acoustic set with Edgewood. The cacophony of sounds provided the ears with interesting sensations from Edgewood’s country music upstairs and the pop and hip hop playing at the pole vaulting event.

A little earlier, London and I attended the Grassroots Gala, just a block away (where he snapped this photo of me mugging for the lens). The Gala showcased the different neighborhoods that make up metro Louisville. The event shut down a block of 4th Street for a regular street fair atmosphere.

If you hadn’t been introduced to the food truck renaissance in the Ville, you could find a bunch at the Gala. London and I had dinner already planned with Misty, but we wouldn’t have had a problem getting some “mobile cuisine” from any of the trucks.

After dinner, he and I ventured out again to the First Friday Gallery Hop in NuLu. For only his second trolley hop, he could barely contain his excitement. He talked to artists, actually looked at artwork for the first time, debated his place in the art would and, as you page down, closed the evening by playing lighted night ping-pong.

Full gallery of our day below.

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