Butchertown Art Fair

Saturday’s Butchertown Art Fair shone a bright spotlight on the east Louisville neighborhood in fine fashion, the gentleman dancing above notwithstanding. I shot this in the middle of the art fair, but I imagine that he’d visited the beer garden before he made his way to me. No matter, really. His good time antics entertained onlookers and, apparently, himself. I liked him immediately.

Their website says that the Butchertown Art Fair serves as the longest running art fair in Louisville which explains the spectacular turnout. Those in the neighborhood itself, as well as metro Louisville residents like me and my son. We spent a great deal of time at the fair under cloudy skies, but great temperatures.

My son got the chance to play his new-found love, ping-pong. First with me, not the greatest table tennis player in the world, and then against some guys who have actually played. The windy conditions kept anyone from keeping score, but to have my son out in the Ville and not stuck in the house playing video games proved a win-win for he and I. See below for the full gallery.

One thought on “Butchertown Art Fair

  1. Thats me with the peace shirt on!! Yes I was feeling great…My daughter Natasha Maze was the coordinator of the art fair..Had a blast…lol.

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