Maternity Shoot with Jenna and Aaron

Misty and I (and my son London) took our act on the road for Jenna and Aaron’s maternity shoot yesterday in Cherokee Park. Jenna and Aaron came with two scene stealers: Alex (above) and Kira. Between Alex’s million dollar smile and Kira’s toddler antics, shooting became a pleasant adventure to say the least.

Jenna showed real trooper spirit throughout the afternoon. The doctor ordered bed rest, but she ordered us to take really good pictures of her and her growing family. And she did everything Misty and I asked as we moved locations, walked her up and down hills and posed her on playground equipment made for Alex, not a pregnant woman.

Aaron, Misty and I kept checking on her but she just smiled the entire time, letting us know she could do this. In the end, we hope that we honor her by making the kinds of pictures that she and her family can be proud of. Check out the preview gallery below.

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