Cabo Wabo Summer Party

I covered a big event last night for Metromix: the Cabo Wabo Summer Party. The party took place at Bowman Field in the Central American Airways hanger. Think about how big this party has become when you have to clear out an airplane hanger in order to contain the fun. Cabo Wabo (Caring And Benefit Organization, We’re All Better Off) raises money for all kinds of organizations. Check their website for the list.

And some of the photographs resulted from good (read: lucky) timing. As the sun set and painted an incredible sky, I saw the chance to get some great background imagery. Normally, I like to follow the light and if the background is nice, so much the better. This time I saw something special and got a shot of Alexis Mosvold with her fiance John Russo in front of that sunset. And if you look carefully, you can see where Central American Airways had to park their planes for the party.

And as you can tell, I couldn’t resist the sunset so I grabbed a few more, including one of Shahrzad Javid. Find the preview gallery below and look for the entire take on Metromix.

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