Love Louisville Celebration

With the recent violence in our city’s West End, the Voice-Tribune and Sanctuary Church decided to hold an event to show a little love to our city and to the West. To that end, the paper and the church partnered on the Love Louisville celebration that started at noon in the Beecher Terrace Housing Project. As you can see, everyone got in on the fund, including the Voice-Tribune crew like Angie Fenton, Chris Humphreys and Shahrzad Javid, pictured above doing the Wobble.

Angie wrote an article for the Voice last week, linked here, that gave her personal story in connection to the violence. You will be struck by the poignancy with which she laid it out and you will be moved at how personal the story and the events affect her. And many in the community stepped forward to help, including  Christopher 2X, DJ Z-Nyce, Sonny Fenwick’s Bubble Truck, a cotton candy machine, Santa Claus (aka Walt Queen), Dare to Care, Brightside, Baxter Station, The Brewery, Wick’s Pizza and a crew from Henryville Community Church

See the preview gallery below and the full take and story in the Voice-Tribune and at

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