Downs After Dark

Last night I had my first experience at Churchill Downs‘s Downs After Dark phenomenon. The track has done special nights like these for the past couple of years, but I didn’t have the chance to go until now, thanks to a Metromix assignment. As you might imagine, an event like Downs After Dark differs greatly from a regular day at the track.

Downs After Dark has become the place to see and be seen, which I had heard before, but not experienced until last night. And honestly, I don’t recall the track being crowded like this unless a special event descended upon it. Even bridal parties came, like Jennifer Callahan and Morgan McDowell who brought their friends and had to stress that even thought their sashes say “bride to be,” they plan to marry other people, not each other. You see, they didn’t think about their bachelorette celebration coming during Pride Weekend in Louisville, so they explained it to everyone who asked.

Find my preview gallery below and the entire take coming to

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