An Evening at Baxter and Highland

Misty and I spent this evening at Baxter and Highland Avenue at the Wick’s Pizza in the Highlands where we also did some people watching. And whether you want Louisville style pizza or to look at interesting people, the Highlands beckons and we listened to, and answered, its siren call.

As always, the pizza did its usual culinary delight on the taste buds, but we never agree on what to get so our order is always split. She got the “Big Wick” as her half (pictured above) whereas mine tasted better because it was the “Mighty Meaty.” But it doesn’t matter what you order. With the Wick’s in the Highlands, you can sit outside, point your camera, and wait for interesting people to happen by.

Check out the gallery of fun people we saw. God bless summer in the Highlands.

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