Blues, Brews and BBQs

If someone mentioned the phrase “Blues, Brews and BBQs” what would you think? If you were me, you’d point your car in the direction of St. Matthews and head out to the Bluegrass Brewing Company, BBC, there. London and I did just that after leaving the Festival in the Upper Highlands. It marked my second assignment of the day for the Voice-Tribune and this one smelled great, thanks to people like Todd Martin, above, putting together his barbecue best.

The event also ended up being a competition which explains why Reed Johnson, above, worked on his presentation. The barbecue went inside the BBC to the judges, two of whom work at the Voice-Tribune. Actually, the only Voice member working ended up being me. Chris and Ashley spent the day inside eating. Lucky so-and-so’s.

Find my preview gallery below and the entire take next week in the Voice-Tribune and at

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