This Is the Louisville Zoo – Part 2

To say Sunday’s temperature registered rather high misunderstands the concept of heat. When London, Misty and I headed over to the Louisville Zoo after a very busy weekend for all of us, we couldn’t foresee the days events. We went to lunch beforehand and when we left, I set my drink on top of the car while I opened the door for Misty and London. And I forgot I put it there. And I left the window down. And I ended up wearing an Orange Lavaburst. Large. Ugh.

That meant a trip back home for a quick shower and change of clothes. In the meantime, the heat just increased, as you can tell from the posture of the wallaby at the top and the ring tailed lemurs above. We finally made it and had big fun while getting our exercise, too. Which explains why I have a photo of London in the “jungle” below.

And Misty got her first taste of the lorikeets because we made sure to include Lorikeet Landing as a destination. They were full of nectar by the time we got there and, as the keeper explained, showed signs of fatigue, but the first lori that found a human ended up being Ringo and he landed on Misty’s outstretched arm to get his nectar, below

Find the rest of the photos of a part 2 visit (a part one visit here) below.

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