I Tapped Out to Atlantis

The title to this article tells the whole story, however, I will elaborate as best I can. My son London had never been to Atlantis Water Park (formerly Wave Tek) in Jeffersonville so we loaded up and rolled out. I skipped shaving thinking that no one would pay attention to me since everyone gets in the water. No cameras, just an iPhone. No worries, just a head crack.

We spent some time on the water slide which marked the beginning of the end of my day only 30 minutes into the fun. Misty and London came down safe and sound. Tim, not so much. My tube went just fine until I got to the bottom. It flew out of the shoot, but flipped and my momentum (not to mention my big melon) carried me to the bottom of the pool. My head stopped because the concrete decided it couldn’t go any further.

To Atlantis’s credit, the first aid station helped me right away, cleaning the wound, bandaging and giving me ice. I pretty much sat out the rest of the time in the time due to having an open wound and possible concussion. London kept playing and I insisted that he did. I didn’t want his first trip to be marred by my clumsiness.

While I sat out, I did notice something unexpected. Boob jobs in Jeffersonville seem like a requirement. Are they cheap now? Can they make them more real? I mean, I like Nip/Tuck and all, but come on. We’re not really fooled.

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