Waterfront Independence Festival 2012

The Waterfront Independence Festival 2012 rocks Waterfront Park for two days, starting yesterday with headlining entertainment from country music stars Thompson Square, the McClymonts and Ode to the Gnu. And Metromix sent me there to cover the event. The experience struck me with a bit of surrealism.

You see, for years I served on the committee that put the festival together in my media capacity with Main Line Broadcasting. When they decided that, after 21 years and being ranked number one, I didn’t know what I was doing, that connection went away.  So this time around, rather than being in a leadership position, I snapped photos as a face in the crowd. I don’t think I had any idea how much fun we put together until yesterday.

The festival continues today headlined by Jimmy Cliff and Midnight Star. You’ll find the preview gallery below and the full take coming to Metromix.

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