July’s First Friday Gallery Hop in NuLu

Yesterday may go down in history as the hottest First Friday Gallery Hop in history so if we set a record, I feel honored (and soggy) that Metromix sent me to cover it. NuLu continues to grow as an artistic community full of imaginative minds so if I get any chance to go, you’ll see me out the door in a flash. That way I get to meet cool folks like Fabricia Mounce, Adam Hayes and Courtney Jeter taking their place inside the Magnolia Photo Booth.

Photogenic people dotted the blocks of the gallery hop which meant I pointed and clicked and usually got something good. Sometimes it’s good to the be Party Crasher. Okay, it’s always good to be the Party Crasher. Paul Paletti knows that so they have their own party paparazzi stationed outside their gallery.

Find my preview gallery below and the full take coming to Metromix.

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