Louisville Blues-N-Barbecue Festival Day 2

We had the threat of storms hanging over the Louisville Blues-N-Barbecue Festival‘s second day. In the late morning and early afternoon, not just rain, but lightning kept us all watching our weather apps and it indeed delayed the opening, but didn’t cancel the fun at the Water Tower. Good for me because Metromix sent me to cover and if I can’t, I can’t get a check. No worries, though, as the music and barbecue moved forward. And I even had someone volunteer to take a Party Crasher-style photo of me, above.

The party started an hour late and fans showed up with their chairs. Some even braved blankets on the ground, at least in the dry spots. My son London went with me, but only to hang out at the inflatables all day. As you can imagine, he slept well last night.

Check out the preview gallery below and look for the full take on Metromix.

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