Trolley Hopping in NuLu for August

After a bit of vacation, I got back into the swing of my Louisville love affair with an assignment for Metromix to shoot the Republic Bank First Friday Trolley Hop in NuLu. I have to tell you, it felt good squeezing the shutter on my main rig after spending some time away to visit Panama City Beach, Florida. A beautiful place to be sure, but it’s no Louisville. After my assignment, my son London and I hung out for a bit around Garage. He, of course, found the ping-pong tables right away.

While he found a few people to play, I walked around the restaurant, practicing my street photography with nothing more than a high ISO and a fast 50mm lens. Getting back to the nice citizens of Louisville made me realize that I continue to love this place and the people.

Before we left, we stopped by the Magnolia Photo Booth set up to get some pictures of us acting silly together. While in line, you just know I couldn’t put my camera down and I snapped this lady trying on props for her photos. I told her she should wear the crown, but she didn’t. Pity because I think it worked for her. Keep watching This Is Louisville and I’ll let you when the Metromix take posts. Meanwhile, see my personal work below.


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