In Your Face at the Kentucky State Fair


These ladies said they felt like they should appear on the front page and as you can see, I wanted to make that happen. When I shot this one, I had explained that my camera and I showed up at the Kentucky State Fair to cover it for Metromix, the website affiliated with the Courier-Journal. “Front page, right?” ended up being the question they kept asking.

The original plan for our trip to the annual state fair at the Kentucky Expo Center had Misty joining us and keeping watch on my son London and his cousin Kira (above). That didn’t pan out because she didn’t feel well, but the kids occupied themselves while my shutter finger kept pressing that button. And we spent every cent we brought with us. If you head for the fair, put more dollars in your pocket than you might expect because we wish we had.

I have a full take coming to Metromix, but in the meantime, enjoy these outtakes, with more below, and go out and enjoy at least one of the days of the Kentucky State Fair. It ends next Sunday, August 26th.


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