Are You Ready For Some Football?

The season that makes women into widows has descended and quite a few men have buckled their imaginary chin strap in anticipation of high impact mano a mano action. The shorthand of it: football season and it plays out on every level. Entry level football commonly comes in the form of little league football so with that in mind, London and I attended the seasons first game for my nephew Deon.

And my family knows, when you see Uncle Timmy (just go with it) you’ll see a camera so they attended the game more than prepared to get in a photo or two. Above, that’s my nephew, and Deon’s brother, Trey sitting with London checking out something on my phone.

The game played out with Deon’s team winning 6-0. In the meantime, his sister Breona made sure not to miss important phone calls. My niece Bethani plays incognito next to her. Find the sights of the game below. Oh, and GO DEON!

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