Attack of the Underpants


You may already be asking yourself why Mike McGuire and Kara Looney posed here wearing “hot” and “spicy” underpants. And even more interesting: why did a couple of hundred other people, not necessarily “hot” or “spicy” do the same? The answer: they participated in the 4th Annual Underpants Run in Downtown Louisville, beginning at the Belle of Louisville landing on the water front.

The Voice-Tribune sent me to cover the event Saturday morning. I even got a shot of the boss, Angie Fenton with her friends Jon Freels, Brandon Hamilton and John Austin Clark as they participated as well. The run benefited the Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies so you had a good reason to run in your panties. And since the Louisville Ironman took place the next day, some of the participants used it was a bit of a warm up to their Sunday activities.

Yes, they’re doing the Chicken Dance. See my preview gallery below and look for the full take this week in the Voice-Tribune newspaper and at


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