Zombies invade the Ville…again


Remember that song “The Freaks Come Out At Night?” Louisville takes that idea to a new level because for 8 years and counting the Highlands has been the scene of the Louisville Zombie Attack and this year we even had a wedding. Jesse Embry and Jennifer Wilson said their “I do’s” last night. They describe it as a “fairy-tale wedding…gone horribly wrong.”

The whole idea started with some friends that had the same birthday, August 29th, and has grown into the largest zombie walk in the country, taking place every year on August 29 at 8:29pm. What began as less than 100 people having a little fun at a bar in the Highlands has swelled to 10,000 according to the official website. One television station got it wrong when they said it occurs because it’s Michael Jackson’s birthday. However the real origin can be found here. And as you can see, Michael did show up.

Misty and I shot for fun last night rather than pay so you’ll find a bunch of zombie photos here. Take a moment to click below and see why Louisville remains weird.


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