The Pointer Sisters on the street in downtown Louisville


Last night, I jumped around and danced poorly but it didn’t matter because I busted my moves to the music of the Pointer Sisters. The event that brought them to town, and me downtown, was the celebration of Creative Alliance‘s 25th anniversary. While I Neutron Danced, Debbie Scoppechio, the mastermind behind Creative Alliance, ran and enjoyed a very cool street party outside their headquarters on Jefferson Street in downtown Louisville.

Nancy, Debbie’s mom came out (left) and even enjoyed some stage time with emcee Terry Meiners and Debbie Scoppechio on the right. Debbie received an award from Mayor Greg Fischer‘s office and took great pleasure in showing off the evening gown she had made for the celebration.

I even got a shot of legendary Voice-Tribune photographer John Harralson (shown here with Julie Tichenor) and since I covered the event for the Voice-Tribune, look for the full gallery to appear next week. In the meantime, enjoy a preview below.


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