Helping Henryville weekend

Yesterday London, Misty and I drove the Henryville, Indiana for the event mentioned a few weeks ago right here on This Is Louisville. The local leader of the group, Kate Gregg, put together an impressive array of volunteers with the express purpose of replacing family photos lost during the Henryville tornado on March 2nd of this year. Misty took the above portrait of me and London while we tested lighting set ups.

This gentleman came in with a story to tell because he survived the storm. The harrowing tale so moved the Help-Portrait volunteers that they had me print another photo so he could write his story on the back of it. I can’t help but feel honored that I got to make portraits of him.

We had a bit of fun there, too. The kid above me that I look so scared of is Hank. He had the energy and enthusiasm of youth so we had him act out a few things with me to keep him occupied while his family picked out the photos they wanted to print. And, of course, we saw a photo-op as well. Thanks Hank. You’ll find a gallery below. Some portraits, some candid shots and all in the pursuit of putting a smile and a memory on a town that got scarred in the spring.

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