The Tenglow photos you haven’t seen until now

When I’m sent out on an assignment, I try to get the photos that the publication wants and I can’t tell you this without giving up on of the trade secrets of professional photographers, namely, take way more pictures than will end up in a publication. And now you know. Professional photographers take more bad pictures than anyone else. That’s mostly because we experiment to see what we can get. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Crazy thing, though. The ones here that I shot on an assignment last week for Metromix aren’t bad pictures. I just kept shooting and trying to portray the lighting effects that Tengo sed Cantina used for their Tenglow and Blackout Party (a co-production with Angels Rock Bar). I ended up with more than Metromix could use, but I wanted you to see them.

Check out the outtakes below and the full take from Friday night on Metromix.

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