Shots too hot for Metromix

The headline is a little misleading. Some of the following photos didn’t even get submitted to Metromix, but the practice of search engine optimization says you should go with provocative headlines to get your website higher up in search rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo and the others. So I’m kinda pandering. Anyway, Metromix sent me to PBR Louisville last night to cover the Jello Slam and I’d call it a bit of a spectacle.

The host did his part to keep the crowd enthused. Here he gave away a PBR Louisville t-shirt but it came with a catch. In order to put it on, you had to take off the other one you wore into the club. Pretty sure this young lady ended up being thankful for undergarments.

In the Jello pit, the combination turned out fierce but friendly, even having some of the competitors kiss and make up. Though we didn’t expect that kind of kiss. See more “too hot for Metromix” photos below and the rest on

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