Visting mama


This past weekend pushed my emotions all over the place. I spent some time in a night club doing a few photos of the Men of Playgirl. The phrase “an interesting experience” qualifies as an understatement. Metromix sent me and my friend Mike Dossett for photos and videos and we found ourselves the only guys in the room. Find those photos here. I also attended a Roaring 20’s Fleur-de-lis fundraiser where everyone dressed the part. Those photos got posted here. Covering the University of Louisville football Cards proved strange, but the article I wrote is at And then Sunday came.

My family drove to Danville to observe my mothers 66th birthday. She passed away last year and the first birthday without her. At the grave site, she was surrounded by her kids, grandkids and even great grandkids, like Zaiden (above). At the top, that’s my brother David and my niece Brittany. Somber moods there, but some light heartedness followed as adults like me looked around and could feel proud of mama’s legacy.

Bethani and Breonna got some clowning around in, of course. That’s what they look like most of the time. They’re cousins but are as close as sisters. You’ll find the gallery below. We love you, mama.


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