The World’s Largest Halloween Party


If people ask for one of the outstanding landmarks in Louisville, tell them about the Louisville Zoo. Especially this time of year because they’ve begun hosting the annual World’s Largest Halloween Party. Because of that, I folded two things into one. First, the Voice-Tribune asked me to cover the party. No problem. I also asked Misty and London to go with me so we could enjoy the fun. Misty’s friend Becky joined us along with her 1-year-old, Emma whom you’ve seen here before.

Kids could see it all. If they had a favorite Disney princess, they found them. A favorite super hero. Follow along the path and sooner or later, you’d spot them. This year, the course seemed longer and perhaps that’s because you turn left this year rather than right, like I’m used to. Either way, kids had plenty of opportunities to show off their costumes, interact with the actors and, of course, collect a few goodies.

I hope you enjoy these outtakes because there’s plenty of fun that went into them. Like the kid above showing off his costume: an iPhone 5. Creative. Find a preview below and look for the full take coming up Thursday in the paper and on


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