A wedding in the park

Saturday didn’t start out looking like a good day to have a wedding. Misty and I woke up thinking we would get a call to say that plans changed. Luckily, the bride and groom, Courtney and Bradley never made that call, the rain never came, and we got to hear them say “I do.”

The intimate ceremony took place in St. Matthews at Arthur K. Draut Park, a relatively new park tucked in a green space near Mall St. Matthews. The couple talked to us about how they couldn’t really decide on a large wedding or small, so they decided that, since the most important decision had already been made, the one to get married, that they should just do it. We’re just happy we could be there.

Misty’s got a some photos on her site, too. Check them out. I have a preview gallery (including a shot that I snuck in of Misty shooting the happy couple) below.





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