Tanya, Michelle and Zachary hit Otter Creek Park

Otter Creek didn’t stand a chance when Misty and I took Tanya, Michelle and Zachary for their family photo shoot yesterday. I always think it’s weird that when you visit the park in Meade County, you’re actually back in Louisville. It’s confusing, but we certainly didn’t care. What mattered: the perfect day and the family’s love. You can see both in the photos.

I know Tanya (right) through Misty. I met Michelle that day along with Zachary. He came full of energy and enthusiasm which I utilized throughout the shoot. And Tanya and Michelle’s chemistry is unmistakable. They’re a couple made for each other.

Check out the first few that received the editing treatment below. Thanks Tanya, Michelle and Zachary for allowing Misty and I to do your photos.




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