Radiance and Pride at Farnsley-Moremen

One of the landmarks people talk about in the South End of Louisville is Farnsley-Moremen Landing. People get married there all the time, and it’s a pretty historic place. Native Americans settled in prehistory. In the 1800s the landing was nicknamed Soap Landing because of the amount of lye soap they sold. Now days, it’s a cool place to hang out or do maternity photos so Misty and I had Brandon and Milt join us there during the magic hour for a shoot.

Brandon had the radiant glow of motherhood-to-be. That radiance, combined with the golden time of day made the shooting more awesome than ever. And Milt, the proud father of baby Dillon, did pretty much anything we asked. These photos serve as one of the most important documents in a couples life and Misty and I hope we captured the young family’s love.

Congratulations Brandon and Milt and to baby Dillon, we can’t wait to meet you. Check the sneak peek gallery below.




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