Becoming guests of Joe Huber

Earlier this week, Misty, Becky, Emma and I were guests at the Joe Huber Family Farm and Restaurant. It’s just one of those things you do at this time of the year if you live in the Greater Louisville area. We made the trip to Starlight, Indiana on a weekday because weekends are hectic with all the people there. A lower attendance rate seemed better for 1-year-old Emma to process.

And, of course, when Emma’s around, we can’t seem to keep our cameras in the bag. Now that she’s walking and kinda talking, it’s even more fun. We spent time in the restaurant and the pumpkin patch. And if we happened upon another photo-op, like the baby on a tractor (above), we shot that, too.

Check out the photos from a day at Joe Huber’s below.




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