Halloween in the Ville

The crew at Southern Comfort Salon

It’s Halloween in the Ville and residents tend to go all out. At Southern Comfort Salon where Misty works costumes were mandatory. That’s Misty in the middle as the flapper. They had a dead gangster, the Cat in the Hat, a dead nurse, a live nurse, John Wayne Gacy and I’m not sure who Tanya portrayed. I just know it’s colorful.

Getting Ashton ready for his close up

Later on, we went to see Ashton because we knew he could work his costume well. As you see above, we got him ready for his close up. His father Carey made sure he got him together while Misty framed a shot for herself.

Ashton is Michael Jackson

And there you go. He rocked it. We then came home and handed out candy to the chilly kids making their way down the street. The only thing missing was London in his Batman costume, but he was with his mother. All in all, another successful Halloween in the Ville. See the photos below.

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