Winter Wednesdays begin in Louisville

That’s me trying to play a didgeridoo.

Lucky for me, the caption explains what I’m trying to do before I have to figure out what kind of explaining I have to do. One of my photo subjects insisted on taking the camera and doing a few photos of me. That happens sometimes and, if they haven’t had too much to drink, I usually oblige. That’s what happened last night as I covered WFPK‘s first Winter Wednesday event at the Clifton Center‘s Eifler Theatre last night. I made a few pictures at the sponsor booth for Music Go Round where the didgeridoo made for an interesting challenge. I failed, by the way.

On stage with Cory Chisel.

If you’ve seen and attended Waterfront Wednesday, then you’ll already have an idea of the vibe of Winter Wednesday. When Metromix asked me to shoot it, I jumped at the chance. The turnout must have exceeded all expectations because the Eifler ended up being standing room only for headliner Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons as well as for opening act von Grey.

On stage with von Grey.

Check the outtakes gallery below and look for the full take at Metromix.


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