Seeing Spirits of the Passage

Visit to the Frazier History Museum by Tim Girton


Five Dollar February has come to Louisville’s Museum Row so my son London and I took advantage on Saturday when we went to the Frazier History Museum to see the exhibits, particularly Spirits of the Passage: the Story of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The Frazier has come a long way from its original days as an arms museum. Don’t worry. If you look forward to seeing weapons, they’re there, but the rest of history grows within their walls, too.

Visit to the Frazier History Museum by Tim Girton


The Spirits exhibit while powerful also strikes me as incomplete. That’s not the Frazier’s fault. The story has so many layers that one display or even one museum can’t tell it all. What can be told, however, is that my city needs to see it and try to process the enormity of the largest forced migration in history. Not a heritage to be proud of, to be sure. But it also can’t be forgotten. You know what they say about those that don’t remember their history. Below, find more photos from the exhibit as well as other sights from the Frazier. And go visit through the month of February.


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