A bridge keeps Louisville weird

First Look at the Big Four Bridge by Tim Girton

The Keep Louisville Weird movement, admittedly, is based on the Keep Austin (Texas) Weird phenomenon. However, it’s something the town has taken to heart. That means that any chance a city original can come around to counteract the growing homogenization of America, Louisvillians gravitate to it. That became part of the basis of the new pedestrian bridge that now adorns one of the world’s great waterfront linear parks.

First Look at the Big Four Bridge by Tim Girton


It’s the repurposing and the reopening of the Big Four Bridge. The original structure began construction in 1888 as a railroad bridge over the Ohio River from Kentucky to Indiana. It was finished in 1895. Then in 1929, construction began on a new version of the bridge using the original structure as the framework. The Big Four finally closed in 1969 and sat as a bridge to nowhere until 2013 where it is now the newest downtown attraction to be added to Waterfront Park.

First Look at the Big Four Bridge by Tim Girton


The bridge crosses all the way to Jeffersonville, however the Indiana side hasn’t finished building their ramp yet so now you can only cross and come back to Waterfront Park. As evidenced by all the people crossing it yesterday, that’s good enough for now. See my impressions below.


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