Emma took us to the park

Emma in the Park by Tim Girton

To enjoy the 70 degree weather on Sunday, we asked little Emma to serve as our model at a small park in Fairdale. Now that she’s mimicking Uncle Tim’s “fish face,” not pictured here, but I tried, we felt pretty confident that she would continue to rock it as a great photo subject. I love it when I’m right.

Emma in the Park by Tim Girton

Having had two kids of my own, I already knew that 20 months is a good age for these. They’re mobile enough to move around but not so big for their britches that they run off without you. So with mama Becky and Aunt Misty, we witnessed Emma in the swing, gliding on the slide and wiggling around on one of those bouncy tractor things. All in all, she made for the perfect pint-sized model who knew how to work it.

Emma in the Park by Tim Girton

If you check out Misty’s website (here), you’ll see the pictures she made. Before you go there, though, check out the shots I did. Click any of them to make them full-sized. Thank you Emma for being fierce.


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