Emma’s first haircut

Emma's First Birthday by Tim Girton

If you look back through the archives of This Is Louisville, you’ll see that I make a lot of photos of Becky’s daughter Emma, the nearly two-year old darling that loves her Uncle Tim. So when it came time for her first haircut, guess who wanted to make sure he could document the event? This guy (imagine me pointing to myself with both thumbs).

Emma's First Birthday by Tim Girton

So Misty exercised her cosmetologist skills with the tender loving care of any aunt. Emma felt very comfortable. Because it’s a different experience the first time you get a trim, lots of kids cry. Not Emma. She looked around with curiosity at the experience. However, she had Aunt Misty doing to haircut and Uncle Tim doing the photos. She’s gotten used to having my lens aimed at her all the time.

Emma's First Birthday by Tim Girton

And in no time at all, Emma’s got a brand new style. Kinda. It doesn’t differ much from the original style, but now the wilder hairs are now under control. See all the photos from Emma’s old and new ‘do below.

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