Louisville’s parade of Pride

2013 Pride Parade by Tim Girton

The Kentuckiana Pride Foundation kicked off the Kentuckiana Pride Festival last night with their annual Pride Parade along Main Street leading to the Belvedere where the Festival takes place this week. The LGBTQ community as well as straight people came out to support and watch the antics of parade participants as well as the crowd, who tried to be equally entertaining.

2013 Pride Parade by Tim Girton

Of course, an opponent of the lifestyle came out to try to convert members of the crowd and, due to the first amendment, had the right to say whatever he wanted. For the time I was there, the crowd remained doing what they wanted to do. Meanwhile, the parade came complete with floats, celebrities and corporate sponsors, including Humana and Absolut.

2013 Pride Parade by Tim Girton

There are lots of photos of the gathering below.


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