What does Sigma Chi have to do with Cosmo?

Sigma Chi at Captain's Quarters by Tim Girton

Aside from the title of this article, probably not much. Except that I got a chance to cover both of their events earlier this week before I set foot in the New Kids on the Block show on Monday. Suffice to say, that was a big day. The Sigma Chi alumni got together at Captain’s Quarters to hang out and chat with fellow brothers. The diversity of age intrigued me. The youngsters and their more experienced brethren seemed to have a good time with each other. Beer helped, I’m sure. Preview the gallery that’s appears in the Voice-Tribune below.

A Fund-Raiser for Cosmo by Tim Girton

Later that same evening, I made my way to Majid’s for a fund-raiser for Cosmo, the leader of one of Louisville’s favorite bands Cosmo and the Counts. Cosmo currently resides in a nursing home and his care is expensive. So friends and fans came together to donate, raffle and celebrate in the name of Cosmo. Those pictures are in the Voice-Tribune as well. I have a preview gallery below.

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