Hanging with J. Dub

Pink Lounge Launch Party by Tim Girton

I didn’t know it at the time, but last weeks was my week to hang with Joey Wagner. Joey’s a friend of mine from back in my radio days and we maintain contact with my photography in his club, Prime Lounge and my contact with the University of Louisville where he does things with the athletic program as well. He also raises a bunch of money for Susan G Komen’s breast cancer research. I covered his Pink Prom one year for Metromix. This year, it’s the Pink Lounge and I was lucky enough to cover the launch party for the Voice-Tribune at 60 West Bistro & Martini Bar. The actual Pink Lounge will be at the Marriott East on August 24th during the Pink Tie Ball. Find a preview below and the full set of photos here.

14th Annual Hollywood White Party by Tim Girton

The following Saturday, the Voice-Tribune dispatched me to Joey’s Prime Lounge to cover the 14th annual Hollywood White Party. The guests came out for the party decked out in white attire. I even gave it a go, even though the color white disappeared from my palate a while ago. I managed to find a nice shirt and rolled through for photos. There’s a preview below and the full gallery is here.


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